2016 Exhibition

2016 Exhibition

A Photographic Essay from Fukuoka

OPENING DATE : Saturday 12th March, starting at 18:30

EXHIBITION DATE : 11-16th March

LOCATION : NPO Tiempo IberoAmericano Fukuoka

Fukuoka-based photographers exhibit their final works from a 2015 photography course. Through a variety of themes and visions, they wish to share their experiences.

Please find here below the names and work presentation of the photographers.

Aldo Bloise

Aldo Bloise, a veteran photographer and teacher of the photography courses at Photosgraphia has been practicing photography for more than 20 years. Trained in graphic arts in Geneva, he followed a traditional approach to photography until very late, preferring black and white film grain over the first digital cameras.

Aldo Bloise has produced several personal exhibitions, including “Kawaii Nostalgica”, “Iro, Iro, Iro” and “Metropolitizen” in Switzerland.


A visit in Italy through the memories of the photographer, desperately looking for the imaginary light he remembers of his childhood. From Pisa where he was born, to southern Italy, Venezia, Cinque Terre and many more, Aldo Bloise is maybe searching some answers about his own identity and current life in Japan.


Laszlo Lovasz has been a Fukuoka resident for over a decade. He rediscovered photography, and film cameras two years ago. At the Photosgraphia course he became interested in visual story-telling.


The theme is a depiction of daily life  – make money, leisure, chores – in a comics fan’s mind. Collaboration with Aldo Bloise.

Christie Provenzano

Christie Provenzano is a long-term Canadian resident of Fukuoka and a novice photographer. She has enjoyed the challenge of re-acquainting herself with her adopted home through the lens of her camera.


In this series of photographs I want to explore how doors and windows act as gateways (and sometimes barriers) between life inside and outside. I’m interested in how doors and windows naturally frame what we see, either looking from outside in, or from inside out. I’d like to capture not only the structure and beauty of doors and windows, but also catch a glimpse of how people interact with them.

Satoshi Kodera

Satoshi Kodera is a novice photographer living in Fukuoka. He finds photography fun and challenging at the same time.


A day to day exploration in Fukuoka of the blinking world above our sight.

Ville Misaki

A Fukuoka-based coder from Finland, enjoys photography as a means of capturing reflections of life, the past, and puddles; as well as an excuse for bad puns


Catching a glimpse of the world “beyond” the surface of the puddles, which only exists after the rain, and then disappears from sight.